Tour Overview

Travellers who want to experience Agra’s cultural and historical facets in a single day; the Same Day Agra Tour By Car is a perfect and more beneficial choice for them. This one day trip to Agra is designed to satisfy the needs of travellers who have very busy schedule and want to discover interesting attractions of the city.

Key Highlights:

1. Early Departure:

The trip generally starts with an early morning departure from Delhi the capital city of India.

2. Private Car Transfer:

Your same day trip will start by 06:00 AM where our chuffer will pick you up from your desired location. Travellers will have a comfort journey throughout the day. Once you arrive in Agra, get fresh to visit Taj Mahal.

3. Taj Mahal

One of the most attractive attractions of the tour is this white marble monument. Travellers will have a chance to catch this breath-taking moment in their mind and cherish for long time. With a tag of UNESCO world heritage site, Taj Mahal takes you to its golden era and outstanding design. Our staff will help you know about its amazing history, which is wrapped in many layers.

4. Agra Fort Excursion:

After covering 1 KM from the Taj Mahal, a red sand stone structure will be standing to welcome you. This massive fort took several years to complete, witnesses thousands of travellers every day and makes them spellbound with its unparalleled designs and huge walls. It is a perfect example of Mughal architecture combined with superb vision and intelligent construction work Visit Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour by Car with Zavi Holidays.

5. Experience Different Local Cuisines:

Now satisfy your taste with Indian buffet lunch at a good eatery point and explore various dishes for which the city is also known. The culinary taste will enhance the enjoyment of the trip.

A Brief Stop At Itmad ud Daulahs Tomb:

Save some time to visit Itmad-Ud-Daulahs Tomb, which is also called “Baby Taj”. This wonderful monument showcases marble artwork that is intricate and beautiful. The structure is not only adopted Mughal skills, but also shows Mughal Thoughts. Visit the monument to know many facets of it and store the memories to remember forever.

Return To Delhi By Evening:

After covering 1 KM from the Taj Mahal, a red sand stone structure will be standing to welcome you. This massive fort took several years to complete, witnesses thousands of travellers every day and makes them spellbound with its unparalleled designs and huge walls. It is a perfect example of Mughal architecture combined with superb vision and intelligent construction work.

Benefits Of Time Management:

Time Effective – The tour is perfect for those people who have limited time, allowing them to explore the charms of Same Day Agra Tour by Gatimaan without making a stay here.

Comfort Of Making Convenience Trip:

You will have a comfortable and stress free journey that also reduces travel related cost and saves your time for extra activities.

Expert Guidance Throughout Your Trip

The excursions will accompanied by an expert guide who possess knowledge about historical and cultural significance of the city, allowing you to know Agra’s best part. Our personalized assistance makes our travellers comfortable along with convenience to plan their journey.

Same Day Agra Tour By Car is a perfectly combines the flexibility of convenience, cultural engagement and historical charms creating it a best choice for people who are looking for a quick excursion of the Agra City. Be it immortal elegance of the Taj Mahal or gazing the huge rock-strong walls of Agra Fort, the trip will offer vistas of historical charms that will remain in your mind for long time.

Tour Itinerary

0700 Hrs : Arrive Delhi
At The Delhi Hotel, Our Chauffer Will Greet You! Your Enthralling Journey Towards The Historic City Of Agra Commences By Car.

0900 Hrs : Tea Break
Now Take A Short Tea Or Coffee Break To Get You Refreshed! Now Continue Your Drive Towards Agra.

10:30 Hrs : Agra
After Two And A Half Hours Of Drive, You Will Arrive In The Beautiful City Of Agra. Arrive Agra, Our Executive Will Introduce The Tour Guide. During Your Same Day Agra Tour, You Will Enjoy Some Significant Information Regarding The Brilliant Monument Taj Mahal And Agra Fort.

11:00 Hrs : Taj Mahal
Amongst The Seven Wonders Of World, Taj Mahal Was Built By Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan In The Loving Memory Of His Beloved Wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Great Monument Took 16 Years For Completion I.E. From 1632 To 1648 AD. Explore The Gripping And Spell Binding Beauty Of Taj Mahal.

1300 Hrs : Lunch
Now, Enjoy Lip Smacking Lunch At One Of The Five Star Hotel Or In Popular Local Restaurant Of Agra.

1400 Hrs : Agra Fort
After Mouth Watering Lunch, Enjoy The Magnificent Beauty Of Red Sandstone Agra Fort, AgraPositioned On The Banks Of River Yamuna. It Was Built In The Year 1566 By Akbar The Great.

1530 Hrs : Local Market
Enjoy Visit To Colorful Arts And Handicraft During The Same Day Agra Tour By Car!

1700 Hrs : Departure Delhi
Now Get Ready For Drive Back To Delhi For Journey Back Home As Your Same Day Agra Tour By Car Comes To An End.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal amount of time to stay in Agra is contingent on your preferences and what you'd like to see. But, the majority of people agree that two to three days in Agra will allow you to visit the major attractions, including The Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and perhaps Fatehpur Sikri. This gives you enough time to enjoy the historical sights, take in its culture and taste the cuisine of the region without feeling overwhelmed.

The ideal time to take the best time to book an Same Day Agra Tour Packages by Car that departs from Delhi is generally between those months from October through March. This is the winter time that is prevalent in North India, offering pleasant conditions with cooler temperatures.
which makes it ideal for visiting Agra's tourist attractions such as Agra Fort, the Taj Mahal, and Agra Fort. In addition, during this time the skies are more clear and the view is more pleasant visiting these historic landmarks. Averting the heat of summer or monsoon rains that occur during this period usually means an enjoyable and relaxing excursion.

Agra is a must-see city. Agra on a single day is feasible, but it's not a simple task given the many tourist attractions in Agra. To get the most out of your trip:
Early start: Get your day started with a sunrise view of the Taj Mahal in soft morning light. Also, avoid crowds.
Taj Mahal: Spend a few hours discover this magnificent Taj Mahal thoroughly. Admire its beauty as well as the history of the gardens surrounding it.
Breakfast Get a fast but nutritious breakfast in a local eatery or in your lodging.

Agra Fort: Head to Agra Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend a few hours exploring the fort's history and architecture.

Lunchtime: Take a break for lunch at a local establishment where you can enjoy authentic Mughlai food.

Fatehpur Sikri (Optional): If time permits and you're interested, think about visiting Fatehpur Sikri, around 40 kilometers away from Agra. It's a different UNESCO place that is recognized for its breathtaking architecture.

Local Markets/Souvenirs If you have the time go to local markets to do souvenir shopping or get involved in the local life and culture. Abreviation: As the day ends take a trip back to Delhi or to your next destination.
Make sure you are managing your time efficiently and think about hiring a guide for a more comprehensive and efficient experience. Be aware that a short itinerary may not permit a thorough study of each location which is why you must prioritize the sites according to your preferences.

The price for a tour of the Taj Mahal for two adults will vary depending on a variety of variables: Entry Fees: In my most recent update entry cost for tourists from abroad was about 200 USD, or around 1300 Indian rupees per individual. If you were Indian citizens, the cost was much lower, averaging around 250 Indian rupees per individual. The rates could alter in time. Extra Services Consider hiring a professional guide to have the most enriching experience. Guide rates vary based on the services provided and negotiation abilities. Transport: Costs for getting to the Taj Mahal, whether through the public transportation system or a chauffeured vehicle or even a tour package are also a part of the overall cost. Other costs: Miscellaneous expenses like photography and parking costs (if you are using equipment that is professional) or buying souvenirs could add on to your total costs. In light of these aspects considering these factors, the estimated cost for two adults to visit this part of the Taj Mahal could range from 50-150 USD, or higher based on the standard of services and any additional costs incurred.

Cameras are permitted within The Taj Mahal for personal use. There are however restrictions regarding professional equipment, such as big lenses, tripods and commercial cameras.

Visitors are able to take pictures to use for personal purposes without extra cost, however should you intend to use professional equipment for commercial use it is possible to apply for permission and pay a cost. Always make sure to review the latest rules and regulations prior to your visit to ensure that you are in compliance with regulations regarding photographing at Taj Mahal.

Certain items are not permitted within The Taj Mahal premises to ensure the protection of the monument as well as the safety of tourists. The most common prohibited items are:

Large bags and luggage: Suitcases, large backpacks or bags with the specified dimensions are not permitted beyond the security checkpoints.
Food and drinks: Outside food and beverages, excluding clear bottles of water generally are not permitted inside.
Tobacco and lighters: Smoking or chewing tobacco is prohibited inside the Taj Mahal complex, and lighters or matches may not be permitted.
Tripods and professional equipment: Tripods, large camera equipment, as well as any other professional camera or filming equipment typically require a special permit or may not be permitted with prior authorization.
Sharp Objects and Weapons: Firearms, knives as well as other objects that are sharp, prohibited.
Toiletries Perfumes, aerosols or toiletries in huge quantities could not be permitted.
Drones Drones operating within Taj Mahal premises is generally not permitted.
Always make sure to check the latest lists of items that are prohibited prior your visit as rules might alter. It is recommended to pack light and carry only essential items for you have a pleasant experience at Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal.

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